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What is CBOLD?

CBOLD is a C++ framework for schematicless capture of board-level electronic designs. CBOLD replaces schematic capture EDA software in the traditional PCB design flow, allowing you to capture and process a design using a text editor and a C++ compiler.

Instead of entering a schematic into an EDA tool, the designer creates a C++ program that describes the design and the desired outputs. When compiled and run, the program verifies the legality of the design and writes output files (CAD layout netlist, bill of materials, FPGA constraint files, etc.) to disk.

The CBOLD source files contain the bulk of the C++ code needed to create a design, freeing you to concentrate on the C++ code specific to your design task. CBOLD supports several standard output formats, and because CBOLD is extensible, you may also write custom C++ code to perform otherwise tedious tasks, such as generating autorouter command files.

Why use CBOLD?

CBOLD can help you avoid many of the shortcomings of the traditional design capture process. As component pin counts rise, even beyond 1000 pins per device, schematics become increasingly awkward and inappropriate. Furthermore, several novel CBOLD Features help better organize and document modern designs.

CBOLD was designed specifically to address the challenges presented by modern board-level designs. Similar challenges have been faced by software engineers for decades and drove the development of improved languages and improved development environments. CBOLD parlays these software improvements and extends them to the realm of board-level design.


Is CBOLD "Free Software"?

The CBOLD framework is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License. It may be downloaded at the CBOLD download page. The optional CBOLD Support Tools are now also licensed under the GNU General Public License.

CBOLD documentation and most of this web site are protected by traditional copyright.

Does CBOLD have any drawbacks?

Yes. If you are satisfied with your traditional EDA tools, CBOLD might not be right for you. For more on this topic, see the CBOLD Pros and Cons.

How do I get started?

See the Introduction and the Quick Start Guide in the CBOLD Reference Manual.


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